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Football Manager 2013 is selling loads; Colonial Marines is selling far too much

Football Manager 2013

Visit the Steam stats page on any given Friday (or indeed Sunday, or Monday) and you’ll see Football Manager holding its own in the upper echelons of the most-played list. Today it’s the third-most played game on the service, boasting 58,733 players at its peak.

Also today, Sega revealed their financial results and confirmed what we’ve suspected for a while: FM13 has sold by the bucketload. And that Aliens: Colonial Marines has made a much bigger splash than it deserves.

Football Manager 2013 had sold 940,000 copies across both PC and PSP by the end of the financial year, which closed on March 31. Last weekend, the game breached one million units – five months earlier than its predecessor.

Said Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson: “Thanks to all from both me and Football Manager who have bought #FM13 so far for all your support – very happy that it’s being played in record numbers & record lengths too!”

Despite a dire critical reception, Aliens: Colonial Marines has sold some 300,000 copies more than FM on PC, Xbox and PS3, totalling 1.31 million by the end of the financial year. It was topped only by Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Transformed, developed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, where I live. So that’s something.

Here’s a thing Steve discovered he could do in Aliens:

Have you bought FM13 yet? Or are you one of those who play it every night at 2am?