Football Manager 2014 trailer shows revamped email client


If you’re a manager at one of the country’s top football clubs, then your email client is pretty important. It’s likely to be crammed each day with transfer news, questions from the press, and notes from physio that your star player won’t be able to make the next game for fear that his knee will collapse. Navigating all those emails needs to be seamless, so Sports Interactive have rethought Football Manager’s inbox to make the job less taxing. Check the streamlined UI out in a new trailer. 

The new UI points out numerous areas of importance, such as press predictions on who will be hired and fired next, a colour-coded inbox, and a smart personal organiser-like system that highlights potential staff members whose job application you’ve yet to read yet. All little additions that may seem nothing, but probably add up to quite a big help if you’re a hectic football boss.

You can become that boss when Football Manager 2014 releases “before Xmas”. That’s a transfer window of four months, then.