Football Manager boss on the decision to require Steam: “We weren’t 100% sure if it was a good idea or not.”


Steam became the only way to connect to Football Manager as of last year, and was the cause of some riling amongst fans. It was a decision Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson wasn’t sure of at the time, but was in retrospect a “very good idea”.

“I think with anything like this, and obviously we take any of our customers’ concerns very seriously, but it was a small amount of people who were complaining and it hasn’t hurt sales overall at all.

“At the time it was quite a brave move and we weren’t 100% sure if it was a good idea or not. With time to reflect, it was a very good idea, what we did, and if we hadn’t done it there would’ve been certain features that’ve gone into the game this year that wouldn’t have been possible.”

And what features might they be? Look to today’s big FM 2013 reveal, which included talk of full Steam matchmaking integration.

FM players – will the ability to set up cups, leagues and whole multiplayer careers through Steam make any past connection kerfuffle worthwhile?