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For Honor cheaters banned for first offences (and lack of honour)

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Ubisoft are taking a firm stance on cheating in For Honor right off the bat, going so far as to hand out bans to first-time offenders in certain cases. A new program called EasyAntiCheat is helping the devs weed out the dishonourable in For Honor.

But is this cheater-free paradise any good? Here's our For Honor PC review.

The news comes via an update on the Ubisoft blog.

"For Honor puts a huge emphasis on skill, so it’s important that it offers a level playing field - and to ensure that nobody has an unfair advantage, the developers have rolled out EasyAntiCheat, a program that detects and flags those who break the rules."

After EasyAntiCheat flags an account, the case is reviewed by the dev team, who should hopefully discard any false positives. They then hand out "warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans against identified players… fairness is hugely important to the game’s creators, so bans are being handed out to first-time offenders."

The bans will be applied on an account level, not the hardware level. If you think you’ve been penalised unfairly, you can appeal your ban.

An update on For Honor’s blog says EasyAntiCheat has already been used to ban up to 400 players for cheating or hacking, while a further 70 have been banned “for offensive emblems, harassment and other misconduct, which has been reported by other players in the game”.

If you’re not clear on what’ll get you banned, check Ubisoft’s code of conduct or their support page.

Bans for first-time offenders and for offensive behaviour - phew. Looks like Ubisoft are taking For Honor’s name seriously. What do you make of this hardline approach to cheating and harassment? Overkill, or overdue?

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SquareNexus avatar
SquareNexus Avatar
10 Months ago

This whole article is off. ''Dis-honourable'' There are different types of kills allowed in game, one is called dishonourable (2v1, 4v1, taking someone else's kills, getting into a 1v1 fight), and the other is called, honourable kills (1v1, no executions, fair fights) . These both have rewards and have been implemented into the game. - All that easy Anti-Cheat does is stops and records injections that don't make sense. Thus trying to find use of injector software (hacks, cheats, mods) in game. - This whole article will only confuse others not help them, and most likely make the more vulnerable players paranoid and leave the game. Catchy doesn't go with Stupid for a reason.