See For Honor’s Highlander and Gladiator in action in their new Season 3 trailers

For Honor

Update, August 11: More details have been released about For Honor’s upcoming third season, including trailers for the two new heroes, the Highlander and the Gladiator.

For Honor’s third season arrives next week, with the arrival of ranked play. The season three update, Grudge and Glory, also brings new maps and two new heroes, as well as changes to UI and new competitive features.

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Ahead of the updates, Ubisoft have released trailers to show off the new heroes. The first is The Highlander, a claymore-wielding Viking who can switch between offensive and defensive stances. He’s “difficult-to-master, but hard-hitting.” You can check out his trailer below:

The other new hero is The Gladiator, who fights with the Knights and takes a trident into battle. They’re “an easy-to-play Knight who boasts a high attack speed. They excel when it comes to stamina management and easily keep enemies at a distance with their proud tridents.” You can get a closer look at them here:

There are a whole load of extra update notes that you can check out via the For Honor website.

Original Story, August 4:For Honor’s third season, Grudge and Glory, will begin on August 15, as announced in aYouTube videofrom Ubisoft US. The update will bring ranked and tournament play, as well as two new maps and two new heroes, which Ubisoft hopes will “demonstrate our long term support and commitment to the game.”

The biggest change season three will make seems to be to ranked and tournament play. “We’re bringing the first step of a competitive experience, with tournaments in duel, and ranking,” Ubisoft say. Previously, there was no ranked play available in the game.

Luc Duchaine, For Honor’s brand director, says “we organised close to 15 tournaments, before the game even shipped, so for us, doing tournaments is a normal thing. We paid very close attention to what the community has been doing, and all the tournaments that have been organised. So for us, it was just the natural step to bring a competitive feature into the game.”

Other major changes are the introduction of two new heroes: the Highlander, who is a Viking; and the Gladiator, who fights for the knights. The Highlander wields a Claymore, boasting “more reach and weight than any other sword,” according to the announcement post on the For Honor website, while Gladiators are extremely agile, and carry a trident into battle. Both new heroes will be available for season pass holders when the new season drops. If you’re not a season pass holder, you’ll be able to buy them for 15,000 steel starting on August 22.

The final major changes bring in two new maps. Sentinel is set in a ruined castle, and has a usable ballista, while Viking Village is set in, well, a Viking Village, and allows players to let loose an enormous spiked barrel to attack their enemies.

As well as all these changes, a host of improvements are coming to UI and customisation, and there’ll be a bunch of new features added to the metagame. Those are spelled out in more detail in the video and in Ubisoft’s announcement post.