Fortnite 15.20 release time – the new update is confirmed for January 13

The next Fortnite update is finally set to launch

Wonder no longer – Fortnite‘s 15.20 update is coming on January 13. The new patch has taken a bit longer than we’ve expected, and we still don’t have much solid idea of what’s in the update, but Epic has at last confirmed when we can expect to see it. So here’s when the Fortnite 15.20 release time hits across time zones.

Downtime for Fortnite 15.20 will begin at 1:00 PST / 4:00 EST / 9:00 GMT on the morning of January 13. (Yes, that’s a matter of hours away as this post goes live.) Smaller updates like this don’t typically spend very long in downtime, so barring unforeseen issues, don’t expect to have to wait too long before you can play.

As for what’s actually going to be in update 15.20, Epic is being characteristically quiet. The unusual thing is that even the dataminers aren’t sure what to expect from this update, since it’s been so long between patches that there hasn’t been much data to mine. Popular speculation – based on some audio clues – has fans looking for a Predator crossover soon, but even that’s shaky ground to place your expectations on.

But hey, Fortnite update! And soon!

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