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Fortnite’s early 17.20 release time confirmed - countdown to preferred item slots

Fortnite 17.20 launches overnight with a major quality-of-life feature

An example of the new preferred item slots feature ahead of the Fortnite 17.20 release time

Fortnite‘s next major patch is coming very soon, as patch 17.20 is finally due to land tonight. Epic has announced when prep work for the patch is set to begin, and it’s “earlier than usual” – so if you’ve set your watch by past bits of downtime, it’ll be a bit different this go ’round. As ever, Epic hasn’t detailed much of what’ll be in the patch, but it will include some recently-teased features, like preferred item slots.

Fortnite services will be disabled starting at 11:30pm PDT on July 19, or 2:30am EDT / 7:30am BST on July 20 – an hour earlier than the last round of downtime. Once services are back online, which typically does not take very long, you’ll be able to check out the update’s new content.

This update will include the preferred item slots setting, which will let you automatically set certain types of equipment into the slots of your choice. So if you always want a shotgun in slot two and a health item in slot five, you can let the game automatically handle the sorting for you.

17.20 also introduces the Bugha’s Late Game Arena mode. “There may be a delay” between the end of downtime and the return of Arena mode, Epic says in a Reddit post, but it should be soon.

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