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Fortnite pro gets lifetime ban for aimbots, says the punishment “didn’t even cross my mind”

Despite making use of cheats, Faze Jarvis has plenty of fans in his corner

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that using cheat mods including aimbots in Fortnite is against the rules, and that Epic will ban you for it. (And if you’re making Fortnite cheats, you might get sued, too.) It apparently did come as a bit of a surprise to Faze player Jarvis Kaye, who’s been banned for life after using an aimbot on an alt account for a YouTube video.

“I’ve actually been banned on Fortnite for life,” Jarvis says in an apology video. “Recently, I’ve posted some videos of me using aimbot in solos and playground mode. All I was thinking about while I was making those videos was just how entertaining and interesting these videos would be for you guys to watch. It didn’t even cross my mind that I could be banned for life on Fortnite.”

While the fact that Faze Jarvis was banned from Fortnite isn’t exactly a surprise here, a number of players are saying that the lifetime ban is too harsh, especially after XXiF and Ronaldo – who used cheats during the qualifying rounds of an actual, for-money tournament – were banned for only two weeks. (Certainly, don’t cheat in multiplayer games, regardless.)

“We have a zero tolerance policy for the usage of cheat software,” Epic tells Polygon. “When people use aimbots or other cheat technologies to gain an unfair advantage, they ruin games for people who are playing fairly.”

You can see Jarvis’s apology above.

“I’m going to take accountability for my actions and I understand completely why this has happened,” Jarvis says on Twitter, “I just wish I had known how severe the consequences were at the time and I would have never thought about doing it. I love all of you who still support me, this is not the end.”