Fortnite down for hours following Dragon Ball event update

Fans reported Fortnite down for hours following the recent Dragon Ball event update, as Epic delivers a fix to the battle royale’s “unresolved incident”

Fortnite down after Dragon Ball event: Goku from Dragon Ball stands in front of the Fortnite map

16/08/2022 UPDATE: Fortnite servers now appear to be back online after a scheduled maintenance period to add the new Dragon Ball event update to the battle royale caused an “unresolved incident”. Original story continues below:

Battle royale fans are seeing Fortnite down following the scheduled maintenance time to add the Dragon Ball event update, though according to one Fortnite leaker, Epic Games is apparently working on a fix for the “unresolved incident”.

The Dragon Ball update is slated to add Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus to the multiplayer shooter, as well as various backblings and emotes. Scheduled downtime for adding the update began at approximately 3:30pm EST, with the update expected to go live at approximately 4am the same day, August 16. As of this writing, however, some four hours later, Fortnite is still down, with matchmaking unavailable.

There are currently no updates on the Fortnite, Epic Games, or Fortnite Status social media feeds, but Hypex, a consistent Fortnite leaker, who has previously shared details of upcoming events and new cosmetics, says that Epic is currently working on a fix.

“Downtime is taking too long because of ‘an unresolved incident’”, they write. “According to Epic, they’re working on a fix!”

Other additions in the Dragon Ball event include a themed adventure island, Dragon Ball-related quests which players can track via a new in-game tab, and various maps where players can watch selected Dragon Ball episodes. It’s an ambitious homage to the beloved anime series, and could possibly be the cause of Fortnite’s current outage.

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