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Fortnite’s concurrent player count tops 10.7 million

February 21, 2019 Fortnite hit two new concurrent player count records this month.

Fortnite player count reached two new records this month. The Marshmello concert on February 2 saw a new peak concurrent player count of 10.7 million. Epic also says that February 16 was the game’s “best non-event day ever,” drawing 7.6 million simultaneous players in. Clearly, it does not appear that the Fortnite train is slowing down – except to pick up new passengers.

Back in November, Epic announced that Fortnite’s concurrent player count has reached a peak of 8.3 million around the game’s South Korean release – apparently another ‘event day’ by Epic’s metrics, if the 7.6 million figure is a new record. Regardless, that means more people were playing the game at that point than the sum total of every single game on Steam combined.

November also saw Epic report the 200 million registered users milestone. The game’s E3 showing revealed an already massive player base of 125 million people. That means it had gained 75 million players in less than six months, an increase of around 60%. It is of course worth noting that this figure (via Bloomberg) is the total number of registered players, a number which can’t actually decrease, but it’s still astonishingly large.

In fact, if Fortnite were a country, it would now be the sixth largest in the world, only just behind Pakistan. If you want an active player count, the last we heard was 78.3 million people logging in each month, though that stat’s now several months old and should apparently be even larger now.

Of course, now eyes are on the Apex Legends player count, and while it’s still a fraction of what Fortnite’s achieved, it’s hitting massive milestones and growing much faster than Epic’s battle royale did in its early days.

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We’re creeping up on the Fortnite season 8 release date, as Epic continues to do an admirable job of keeping those millions (and millions) of players coming back again and again.