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Fortnite’s player count is closing in on 250 million

Fortnite player count

February 21, 2019 Fortnite’s set two new records, pushing its total and concurrent player counts to new heights.

The Fortnite player count continues to rise, as Epic’s battle royale has recently set new records for both its total and concurrent figures. In an interview with Engadget, the company’s CEO revealed that Fortnite now has around 250 million registered players.

That’s a record in itself, as it means that in the past four months or so, Fortnite has grown by 25% – back in November, Epic announced that the game had reached the 200 million player milestone. But the game’s concurrent player count is still on the rise.

Engadget also reports that Fortnite’s record concurrent player count now stands at 10.8 million. That’s figure doesn’t show such rampant growth – it only just edges out the previous record of 10.7 million set in February. It’s worth pointing out, however, that peak concurrents is a much more difficult figure to grow – total player count will increase every time a new account is made, but it’s much harder to keep an audience continually involved.

What’s also particularly impressive is that while the previous record was set during a massive in-game event – Marhsmello’s digital concert – the new figure doesn’t seem to be a direct result of anything like that. It’s likely, however, that the start of Fortnite Season 8 helped out.

In fact, if Fortnite were a country, it would now be the fifth largest in the world, behind Indonesia. If you want an active player count, the last we heard was 78.3 million people logging in each month, though that stat’s now several months old and should apparently be even larger now.

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Clearly Fortnite has the popular vote when it comes to the Fortnite vs. PUBG debate. Of course, now eyes are on the Apex Legends player count, and while it’s still a fraction of what Fortnite’s achieved, it’s hitting massive milestones and growing much faster than Epic’s battle royale did in its early days.

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