Fortnite has more concurrent players than every game on Steam combined

November 8, 2018 Fortnite has reached a new concurrent player peak of 8.3 million.

Fortnite has achieved a new concurrent player count peak of 8.3 million. Yes, you’re reading that number correctly. 8.3 million concurrent players. For reference, that is more people playing Fortnite in a single moment than total sales of Epic’s own Unreal series. That’s more people than have played Doom and Doom 2 combined – ever. That’s more than the concurrent players in every single game on Steam combined.

Even bearing in mind that this is a number that covers all platforms worldwide – PC, console, and mobile – it’s still nearly an unbelievable achievement. At least compared to the Steam numbers we’re used to.

The news comes out of a Korean interview with an Epic spokesperson. VG247 picked it up, and further confirmed the stats with the company. (Twice.)

If you look at games outside of Steam, perhaps it’s not so unbelievable. League of Legends topped 7.5 million concurrent a few years ago, and Chinese FPS Crossfire similarly crossed the 8 million threshold some time back.


Steam Charts shows us peak player counts on Valve’s service. If we go back to the most recent weekly peak this past weekend, the number tops out at just under 4.7 million. That’s just in-game – online Steam users were at 15.8 million for the same period – but it’s still little over half of the Fortnite number.

As Epic detailed in its August dev blog, Fortnite had 78.3 million players in that month alone. That’s not far from Steam’s monthly active users, which were recently reported at 90 million. Total downloads of the game have officially topped 125 million since the battle royale’s release in 2017, with previous reports of 40 million logging in to play every single month.