Fortnite hits 20 million players ahead of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

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Update, November 6: Fortnite now has 20 million players, and PUBG will hit that same number very soon.

The battle royale for battle royale games is on, and the top two standing right have both seen quite a bit of success. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the most impossibly popular game in recent memory, but Fortnite has hit one significant milestone ahead of it with 20 million unique players.

They’re also banning Fortnite cheaters apace.

That’s a bit ahead of PUBG, which according to SteamSpy looks poised to hit 20 million mark by the end of the week.

It’s not quite a one to one comparison, since Fortnite is available across three different platforms and its battle royale mode - the whole reason this comparison keeps happening - is free. Meanwhile, PUBG’s number is currently all on PC, and most of those players have paid the full purchase price.

Update, October 31: Server issues over the weekend didn't stop Fortnite Battle Royale from increasing reaching a concurrent player count of more than 800,000.

Fortnite Battle Royale is closing back in on a major milestone. Yesterday, Epic Games tweeted to say that the game mode saw a peak player count that suggests the game is fast returning to one million concurrent players.

The tweet, which was posted yesterday evening, was in response to a swathe of server troubles experienced over the weekend. Login issues started on Friday night, and as issues developed over time, servers eventually had to be taken down for maintenance, disabling Squads - groups of three or four - from queuing up for games.

Fortnite apologised for the issues players had faced over the weekend , before saying “the battle bus had 811K concurrent players on Sunday. We’re working hard to keep it in the air.” The game's launch weekend did see Fortnite Battle Royale reach one million players, but it's good to see it maintain its community.

While that figure pales in comparison to the kind of player numbers that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is experiencing, it’s still pretty impressive. According to SteamSpy, Dota 2 registered a peak concurrent player count of a little under 740,000 on Sunday. When PUBG was hovering around that figure a few weeks ago, few imagined it would continue to grow so fast, so there could be big things still to come for Fortnite.

Update, October 11: Watch out, PUBG, because Fortnite Battle Royale has hit over 10,000,000 unique players.

Battle royale games. You may have heard of them. They’re getting quite popular, what with the inconceivable success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Yet the genre current runner-up is no slouch, either, as Fortnite’s take on the genre has been posting some impressive numbers of its own.

Last weekend we heard that the game had hit over 500k concurrent users and 3.7 million daily active users, and today Epic have announced that the mode has now had a total of 10,000,000 players.

Epic have also provided some other stats, like 44,494,571 hours played, 292,715,319 jumps from the battle bus, and 58,925,337, along with appropriately memetic comparisons, including a very timely reference to traps in Return of the Jedi. But I do have a point of contention, Epic - there was in fact one trap. That’s why Ackbar says “it’s a trap.” (In fairness, it wasn’t the spiky floor variety.)

fortnite battle royale stats

Fortnite was a success even before the release of Battle Royale, but there’s no doubt its ability to competently ride the coattails of PUBG has meant a rocketing success for the game. Though even then, it makes Battlegrounds’ success even more astounding. Fortnite Battle Royale is free and has had 10,000,000 players. PUBG is paid and has already topped 15,000,000 sold. Whichever way you slice it, it looks like the genre is here to stay.

Original Story, October 10: I think there might be something to this Battle Royale game mode, you know. While Battlegrounds smashes all records for Steam games, its free to play counterpart built on top of Epic’s Fortnite is doing similarly well. Creeping up on public numbers for the likes of Dota 2 and CS:GO, Fortnite Battle Royale hit over 500k concurrent players and 3.7 million daily active users - strong stats for a game that looked ready to disappear into nothingness.

The news came via a tweet over the weekend:

You can use SteamCharts to get some comparison for where that puts it in the grand scheme of things. Co-Founder at Epic Mark Rein recently tweeted about how Steam isn’t the whole picture, but it’s the best one we have, and his game would be doing pretty well on there too. Of course, you’d then be pulling in console numbers, games like Overwatch and GTA 5, and it all gets a bit messy.

Anyway, they're doing well. We like it too, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing PUBG down at all. How much room is there for the Battle Royale genre to continue? We’ve got a free option and a paid option now, and both will be on consoles before long. While it has the potential to become the new MOBA (which was the new MMO) and be in everything, whether it will necessitate whole new games or just modes for existing ones remains to be seen.

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