Fortnite’s birthday challenges let you earn a tasty backpack cake

Complete the Fortnite birthday cake challenges for a reward you can walk around in

fortnite birthday challenges

Fortnite is about to celebrate its first anniversary with a variety of birthday challenges allowing you to earn some festive cosmetics. If you’re scratching your head about how they grow up so fast, yes – Fortnite launched on July 25, with the massively popular battle royale mode following on September 26. But somehow, it feels like Fortnite has been with us forever.

Either way, the birthday challenges begin on July 24. Playing 14 matches will net you 5,000 XP, and dealing 1,000 damage to opponents will get you an emoticon of a birthday cupcake. In a more specialized challenge, you’ll need to dance in front of ten different birthday cakes in order to get a celebratory spray.

Completing all three challenges will get you a birthday cake back bling, an appropriately tasty-looking cake with lit candles. (Just try not to get any frosting on your weapons.)

Save the World players will also get some fun stuff, with a birthday questline that offers a Birthday Brigade Ramirez hero. Birthday Llamas will also give you the chance to get heroes and weapons from every event of the year so you can fill in your collection.

Whether or not your going after those challenges, you’ll see plenty of birthday festivities in game, from a redecorated battle bus to StW’s husks carrying treats around.

There’s plenty of other excitement on the Fortnite horizon, with Summer Skirmish week 2 set to kick off today. And there’s certainly more to come – considering that Fortnite’s total revenue has exceeded $1 billion, this birthday train isn’t slowing down.