Fortnite’s creative director lets slip the game’s upcoming dynamic firestorms

Fortnite heroes

Epic Games are bringing dynamic events to Fortnite as part of a “5 year” content plan. The announcement came in an interview with Game Informer by the game’s creative director Darren Sugg.

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In the interview, Sugg says “We’re going to have a couple of things where storms could influence the properties of a level. You may enter into a fire storm where the creatures that are dropping are flame based, and they may do more damage to wood.” Sugg goes on to say that these events might also impact the way you play the game, augmenting your character and providing damage boosts, for example.

Sugg also teased some sort of new game mode. The new mode, which is definitely a long way off will be some sort of “big encounter, with players having to utilise the tools of hoarding in a different way.”

Some of the other new content ideas discussed in the interview include new traps and weapons, and how skins and other cosmetics might work. Sugg also talks about incentives for people to pick up Fortnite now, rather than waiting for it to go free-to-play next year, referencing events and content that won’t be made available again after the game’s full release.

Fortnite is very much still in development, as several players discovered recently when their in-game storm shield bases disappeared during an update. Sugg says that while the game will continue to receive support for several years, he doesn’t know when the game’s final release will be.