An actual tornado didn’t stop this Fortnite player from finishing his game

One Fortnite player was so engrossed in the game that he managed to play through a devastating tornado.

Greensboro, North Carolina was hit by a 217 km/h tornado yesterday. The tragic incident claimed one life, and devastated the homes of thousands – with tens of thousands being left without electricity due to downed power lines.

In an interview with WXII 12 (via Kotaku), Greensboro resident Anton Williams stood in the aftermath of the disaster and told the news network what he was doing when the tornado hit – he was playing Fortnite.

“I just heard a bunch of noise. I looked out the window and I started seeing the roofs come off the houses in front of me,” Williams told WXII 12. “Then I sat back down because I only had a couple of people left in my game. I was going to try to finish the game.”

However, when the storm intensified and powerlines began to fall, Williams finished up his game, escorted his sister and nephew to the bathroom, and waited the storm out.

When asked by reporter how he felt as he hid in the bathroom, Williams replied, “Honestly, I was just thinking about the game. I was hoping everybody was OK around me.”

Top image credit: WXII 12