Fortnite leaks reveal sentry guns, skins, and… toilet paper

fortnite cross-play

New Fortnite leaks mined by user Mr Proper, and uploaded to Imgur, show off a number of new features coming to the game. A lot of new skins were revealed, as well as a new sentry turret trap, an icon for the incoming comet, and, er, toilet paper skydiving trails – which is obviously the most important part.

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The leaks don’t show any pictures of what these new features will look like in-game. To make up for it, though, the list of new features and items to come out of the datamine is spectacularly long. New skins include Pajama Party, Taxi, Red Shirt, Pizza, Fish Head, and more. There are new skydiving trail effects coming, including the vital toilet paper trail which the entire community will probably be using once they get their hands on it.

Perhaps of most interest is the sentry turret trap as it will be a new feature in Battle Royale. As fans on Reddit have noted, the sentry turret is already in Fortnite: Save The World, where it is highly overpowered. Hopefully, the turret won’t be quite as lethal when it appears in Battle Royale, as it will probably make a lot of players cry foul if they get killed by it time after time.

There is mention of the new comet event, which is still building up to the obliteration of Tilted Towers, but sadly not much in the way of exciting new information other than an icon for a banner. We’ll have to wait for it to get a little closer, we guess.

We have no idea if and when any of these new features will go live, but we imagine they must be appearing soon if they’re showing up so clearly to dataminers such as Mr Proper. We’ll definitely be using that toilet paper trail the second it goes live.