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Yes, Epic will remove Fortnite’s accidental swastika

fortnite swastika

There’s an accidental swastika in Fortnite. If you line up some metal floor tiles just right, edit them into a circle, and take a look at where the parts meet, you’ll see that an L-shaped line will meet with three others to recreate the symbol. It all seems to be an unfortunate coincidence, but Epic is going to adjust the art to keep it from showing up again.

The image above hit Reddit yesterday, and though it was edited to remove a kill count that user EuBestCityEu was ashamed of (zero, as important Reddit detectives figured out), an Epic representative confirmed the issue is real and will be taken care of. “This was unintended and will be addressed ASAP by adjusting the metal piece art!” the representative said.

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You can see the discussion in full here. You probably shouldn’t expect the swastika to remain much longer, particularly if it’s a simple art update – Epic probably doesn’t want to have Nazi imagery, accidental or not, in their game for any longer than necessary.

Of course, eagle-eyed history buffs might note that the swirl is inverted from how it’s flown by Nazis, and that this reversed symbol is often used as a symbol of good fortune in some predominantly Asian religious traditions. (You may already know this from the accidental swastika in the original Legend of Zelda.)

But that’s all moot in light of the swastika’s horrifying connotations after its use by the Nazi party. So yes, of course, obviously Epic’s going to remove it, and likely very soon.