Epic removes apparent suicide scene from Fortnite’s The Block

A fan-made creation that was featured in-game has been removed after players discovered an apparent suicide scene

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A fan-made Fortnite creation has been removed from the game after players discovered that it appeared to depict the scene of a suicide. Mysterious Mansion, which briefly featured in-game via The Block, has now been replaced.

The location was made by three players. One of those, FuryLeaks, posted a video showing off their map ahead of its appearance on The Block – an area of the Fortnite map dedicated to player-made creations. The basement of the house features a prison cell and a summoning circle, but around the corner, a character can be seen hanging from a rope over a chair that’s been tipped over.

The character model didn’t make it into Fortnite itself, but as noted on Reddit (via Polygon), players were still able to see both the chair and the rope, which appeared to depict a suicide scene. FuryLeaks told Polygon that this wasn’t the intended effect, and that the house was supposed to depict the aftermath of an earthquake, and that the character shown hanging from the ceiling was a “joke.”

Nevertheless, the game was quickly updated to remove Mysterious Mansion from The Block, replacing it with previous submission Tropical Treetops – before this, no fan-made submission had featured in the game on two separate occasions.

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Fortnite developer Epic told Polygon that the creation “was removed from the Block because it did not adhere to our content creation guidelines.” Those guidelines say that players should “be kind when creating and editing with others.”