Tfue says he’s giving up competitive Fortnite because he doesn’t need the money

The Faze Clan streamer says he's dropping competitive play after the Fortnite World Cup to focus on content creation

One of Fortnite’s biggest streamers says that he’ll stop playing the game competitively after the upcoming World Cup. During a stream this weekend, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney told fans that he’d prefer to focus on streaming than practicing for in-game competitions.

While competing in the tournaments open qualifiers, Tfue said that the World Cup would be “my last competitive shit.” He also that he was probably not going to qualify for the competition, but then said that “I could definitely […] do well in [the tournament]. He went on to tell fans that he didn’t need the money offered by the competition, but would “rather stream and do bad than not stream.”

The content creator, who is part of Faze Clan, is one of the game’s biggest personalities across both Twitch and YouTube, so it’s no great surprise that he’s looking to take a step back from competitions and focus on what strikes me as a safer revenue stream. That said, TwinGalaxies reports that he’s already earned $500,000 in prize money alongside his teammate Cloak.

Tfue’s Twitch viewership over the past year has averaged around 38,000, but those numbers are on the up – yesterday’s stream averaged out at nearly 100,000 viewers. His channel has also grown significantly over the past year, putting him behind only Ninja, Shroud, and Riot Games on the platform’s most-watched list.

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Epic has already dallied in esports, but the Fortnite World Cup is set to take things up a notch. The final, which is set to take place in New York in July, will offer a total prize pool of $30 million, and the top-ranked solo player will take home a massive $3 million – the biggest solo prize in esports history.