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It looks like Fortnite’s Dusty Divot is finally getting rebuilt

Eagle-eyed Fortnite fans have spotted what look like changes to Dusty Divot, which will probably arrive in Fortnite patch 5.4

Fortnite Dusty Divot

One of Fortnite’s most hotly contested locations, Dusty Divot, looks to be getting another rework in patch v5.40. Previously known as Dusty Depot, the map in question had a significant change-up in a recent patch, and will now take on a more industrialised feel, with larger areas for players to do battle in.

Fans watching Epic’s PAX West livestream spotted the changes, as the developer gave us the first look at Getaway limited time mode which will drop alongside the High Stakes challenge in the next patch.

Reddit user XFrags posted comparison shots, which appear to show a new open area outside of the factory. The crater left by season 4’s meteor impact appears to be absent as well. The new layout will no doubt open up new strategic opportunities for players, but we haven’t got a clear picture of what the new area will entail as of yet. The apparent increase in indoor areas may mean more gear drops in the area too, and more gear, means more players.

We also got a brief look at some minor changes to Tilted Towers. Construction on the new building appears to be finished, complete with a large (and very tasteful) fish plaque on the exterior. It is at this time unclear if the fish will have any kind of singing functionality. The last patch transformed Tomato Town into Tomato Temple, indicating that Epic was ready to make more liberal changes to the map.

Fortnite patch 5.4 is expected to drop this week and will bring with it new item the Grappler. The High Stakes event, which was detailed by Epic yesterday, is also expected to kick off with the release of the new patch. The event includes the Getaway limited time mode, that takes cues from games like Payday, with players working together to steal a llama-shaped jewel.