Fortnite week 5 challenge: make a Stark robot dance

So you can talk the talk but you can dance the dance?


Looking for how to make a Stark robot dance? By now you’ve probably spotted the Stark robots found around the Fortnite map, either by Quinjet locations or patrolling alongside the new Fortnite boss, Tony Stark, at his Stark Industries headquarters by Frenzy Farm.

These hostile robots will try and gun you down, and can be especially troublesome if you’re trying to take on Iron Man himself. This week, however, they’ll become more friend than foe and can double up as a dancing buddy as well as someone to shoot down opponents on your behalf.

So, here’s how to make a Stark robot dance, and if you thought it was easy as throwing a boogie bomb their way, think again. As mentioned, head to either one of the Quinjet landing sites or Stark Industries to find a robot and kick off this week’s challenge.

How to make a Stark robot dance

The first action might seem counterintuitive, but you need to down one of the robots using a weapon (you could try punching it, but we can’t in good conscience recommend this method) and then you have the option to hack it. Once hacked (by holding E) you just need to bust a dance move and your new pal will boogie along with you to complete the challenge. If you want, for whatever reason, to have an army of dancing robots, then you /could/ down and hack your way through all the Stark robots.