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Fortnite Most Wanted quests, rewards, and how to earn infamy

Here's a guide to the Fortnite Most Wanted challenges including separate quest sets, rewards, and how to get the Cold Blooded Ace Outfit.

Fortnite Most Wanted quests and rewards

Looking for the Fortnite Most Wanted quests and rewards? This new type of challenge earns you infamy in Fortnite, a currency that you can spend to purchase rewards including the Gold Blooded Ace Outfit. The event runs until February 28, with new quests released every two days.

There are five sets of Most Wanted quests released over the event period in the battle royale game; you’ll need to complete one quest set in order to unlock the next one, but by completing all five, you’re rewarded with Fortnite Cold Blooded Medallions. These medallions can be used to get the Solid Skull Back Bling – which has its own set of separate Solid Skull Quests in the free PC game.

Fortnite Most Wanted quests

Here are all of the Fortnite Most Wanted quests:

Intel and Recon

  • Raise Heat Level (4)
  • Purchase weapons from Ace’s Exotics or Ace’s Armory vending machines (10)
  • Collect a Vault Keycard dropped by a defeated Cold Blooded Boss (1)
  • Visit Named Locations containing a Cold Blooded Vault (3)
  • Collect Gold Bars (2000)
  • Spend Gold Bars on Weapons or Services in different matches (5)
  • Search Safes or Cash Registers (4)
  • Damage opponents using Exotics and Unvaulted Weapons (1000)
  • Collect a Heavy Sniper or Boom Sniper Rifle (1)
  • Complete Intel & Recon Quests (7)

Going in Loud

  • Destroy Structures or objects using Explosives (25)
  • Reach Max Heat Level in different matches (3)
  • Claim a Named Location containing a Cold Blooded Vault (1)
  • Damage opponents within 10m with a Shotgun or SMG (500)
  • Hire a character (3)
  • Eliminate members of the Cold Blooded (5)
  • Throw and detonate a Gas Can (2)
  • Increase your Heat Level by using a Burner Pay Phone (1)
  • Complete Going in Loud Quests (7)

Going in Quiet

  • Emote within 10m of a member of the Cold Blooded (1)
  • Damage opponents with a Sniper Rifle (500)
  • Search chests before taking any damage (10)
  • Eliminate opponents with a Suppressed Pistol or Shadow Tracker (2)
  • Damage opponents while inside of a big bush of leaf pile (200)
  • Use a Flare Gun to mark opponents (5)
  • Hide in a dumpster, a haystack, or a flusher (2)
  • Collect gold bars from eliminated players (150)
  • Survive storm phases at full health (5)
  • Complete Going in Quite Quests (7)

Cracking the Vault

  • Spend Gold Bars (5000)
  • Open up a Cold Blooded Vault using a Vault Keycard (10)
  • Emote inside of a Cold Blooded Vault (1)
  • Deal damage to opponents from above (500)
  • Use Bandages or Medkits (3)
  • Collect Heisted Exotic Weapons (7)
  • Assist in defeating Cold Blooded Bosses (3)
  • Search Cold Blooded Coffers (5)
  • Search Supply Drops (2)
  • Complete Cracking the Vault Quests (7)

Clean Getaway

  • Purchase the Rift Service from inside a vault (10)
  • Travel distance in a vehicle (500)
  • Use Ziplines or Ascenders (5)
  • Mantle objects while under the effects of a slap (10)
  • Damage opponents while riding a Dirt Bike (200)
  • Travel distance while sprinting and at Max Heat level (1000)
  • Damage opponents while sliding (200)
  • Get seconds of air time while riding a Dirt Bike (30)
  • Reach a speed of 70 in a Vehicle (1)
  • Complete Clean Getaway quests (7)

Fortnite Most Wanted rewards

Here are all of the Fortnite Most Wanted rewards:

  • Escapees weapon wrap – 4,000 Infamy
  • Banner icon – 8,000 Infamy
  • Double Tags pickaxe – 12,000 Infamy
  • Most Wanted spray – 16,000 Infamy
  • Cash Stash back bling – 20,000 Infamy
  • The Heat Is On loading screen – 24,000 Infamy
  • Combocopter glider – 28,000 Infamy
  • Cold Blooded Style weapon wrap – 32,000 Infamy
  • Cold Blooded spray – 36,000 Infamy
  • The Vault Guardian pickaxe – 40,000 Infamy
  • Snake Sack emoticon – 44,000 Infamy
  • Gold Blooded Ace outfit – 48,000 Infamy

That’s how to complete all Fortnite Most Wanted quests and reap the rewards. For more inspiration on what to play next, here’s our list of best building games and best multiplayer games for your perusal.