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There’s a free Radiohead game that unlocks Radiohead music in Fortnite

In perhaps the final proof that nothing is sacred in 2021, you can now listen to Radiohead in Fortnite

I don’t think I could write a headline that more perfectly encapsulates the state of videogames in 2021. Experimental rock band Radiohead has a special reissue of Kid A and Amnesia, and alongside it has released Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, a digital art exhibit available published by Epic for free on PC and PlayStation 5. It also gets you free Radiohead music in Fortnite.

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition was released today alongside Epic’s regular rotation of free PC games. It’s described on the store page as “a fevered dream-space, an edifice, built from the art and creatures, words and recordings of Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac uncovered from 20-odd years ago, reassembled and given new mutant life.”

If you claim Kid A Mnesia Exhibition from the Epic Games Store, the next time you log into Fortnite, you’ll be greeted with the message that “your purchased items are waiting for you”, and you’ll have a new bit of music to run in the game. Well, er, ‘music’. The track is Untitled v1 from Kid A Mnesia, which is pretty experimental even as Radiohead tracks go.

Still a neat track, though.

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