Fortnite: raise the disco ball in an icy airplane hanger

Season 10 week 6 Boogie Down challenges are in - dance with others to raise the disco ball at this frosty location

Fortnite Season 10, week 6 challenges, dance with others at the disco ball in the icy airplane hanger

In one of this week’s Fortnite challenges, you’ll need to dance with others to raise the disco ball in an icy airplane hanger. It’s not a solo mission, and needs multiple people to raise the roof, so team up with at least one other squaddie and descend to the icy regions southwest of the map and hopefully you’ll unlock some shiny new Fortnite skins for your troubles.

As part of the Fortnite season 10 week 6 Boogie Down challenges, you’re tasked with dancing off with others to raise the disco ball in an icy airplane hanger. By others, you’ll need another team member, or you can hope that other strangers will be looking to complete this challenge and pray for a ceasefire – just don’t say we didn’t warn you of the risks.

Looking for the location of the Fortnite icy airplane hanger in this week’s season 10 week 6 challenge? We’ll help you find the dormant disco ball location in this latest Fortnite Boogie Down challenge, and what to do when you arrive to bring the disco ball to life and progress your Battle Pass a little further.

Fortnite disco ball at icy airplane hanger location

You’ll want to head to Frosty Flights, to the very edge of the map in the southwest, nestled between icy mounds you’ll find the airplane hanger.

Fortnite challenges, Season 10, week 6, raise the disco ball at an icy airplane hanger

Choose whatever dance or emote from your locker you want and use it while standing on one of the dancing pads on either side of the discoball, with your team mate, squad member, or a total stranger dancing opposite you.

And there you go, watch that disco ball light up the room at the icy airplane hanger. Just make sure to find a gun pronto, as this will be a popular spot for challenges this week and not everyone’s going to call truce – you could be dancing the dance of death.