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Fortnite fans can watch the Rocket League World Championship in-game

Fortnite and Rocket League are crossing over once again to allow players to unlock new items in the battle royale and multiplayer car football games

Fortnite and Rocket League are together again. This image shows a Fortnite character eating popcorn in front of a Rocket League stadium built in Fortnite.

Fortnite has held a few really cool live events in the past, with the battle royale game playing host to concerts and TV previews, but now it’s teaming up with multiplayer car football Rocket League to offer a live stream of the Rocket League World Championship.

As with so many crossovers, there are a few items to unlock like a Rocket League Trophy Back Bling and a Regal Rocket Glider, if you happen to complete some quests while playing on Rocket League Live Island. It’s not just the loot that makes this worthwhile, though, as the way it’ll all play out sounds like a right rumble too.

If you watch the Rocket League championships in Fortnite, not only will you get to choose a team to support before each match, but you’ll then get a buff every time that team scores, which will help make you stronger for the Team Rumble match that’ll follow each Rocket League game. It’s an incredibly cool fusion of the two titans of free-to-play games, and also a rare chance to experience two games at once.

If you’re more into Rocket League than you are Fortnite, you’ll be glad to know you don’t even have to do challenges to unlock items — you can just enter the code “RocketLeagueLive” in the extra section of the settings to gain a new banner, topper, some wheels, and a new anthem too. It’s a good time to be an esports fan, no matter how you spell it.

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