The Fortnite Season X patch notes teases the return of old locations

Fortnite Season X kicks off very soon - and plenty of changes are heading to Epic's battle royale


Fortnite Season X kicks off very soon, but ahead of the latest update, Epic has published the patch notes for the new season. The developer’s website is currently down, but fans of the game were quick to post what they’d discovered to Twitter.

With that in mind, you can check the patch notes out for yourself further down this article. As ever, the new season comes with the new Fortnite Season X Battle Pass, with new skins and rewards as you level up. This time around, the pass also comes with missions, which are “a series of thematic objectives that grant rewards” – including those all important Battle Stars.

The headline change for Season X, however, is undoubtedly the B.R.U.T.E – a two-player vehicle that’s essentially a giant mech. The Brute’s driver is able to control movement, with a dash, Super Jump, and the ability to stomp enemies and structures at their disposal. The passenger has a couple of weapons to hand – a shotgun, and a powerful missile launcher.

The Brute can also ‘Overshield’, allowing players to sacrifice 200 of any material to grant a shield that will protect you for five seconds while in the mech. It’s a risky strategy, but the Brute will automatically grant the resources you trample over, which should mean it’s easy to recoup your losses.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a new Fortnite Season without a number of fan favourites heading to the Vault. The Quad Crasher and the Baller are both out, as are the semi-auto sniper and the tactical assault rifle. Even the recently-introduced airstrike has been removed from the game. Epic also says that it’s removing itemised glider redeploy, as a number of current mobility options mean that “Season X is better experienced with a reduction in mobility.” There are also Rift Zones, which Epic says will see old locations return – but not as you once knew them.

Downtime should end relatively soon, meaning you’ll get to check out the Fortnite Season X map and all the new features within a couple of hours.