Forza Motorsport features more ray tracing at launch than Horizon 5

Unlike Forza Horizon 5, Forza Motorsport will get in-game ray tracing options right from the word go, in great news for racing sim fans.

A white racing car takes center frame with grass in the foreground and bright headlights.

Forza Motorsport promises to continue the tradition of driving the graphical envelope of racing games, along with improvements to physics and mechanics (puns intended). Now, developer Turn 10 Studios is looking to shift things up a gear for the Forza Motorsport launch, with more robust ray tracing straight off the bat.

Racing sim forebear Forza Horizon 5 only supported ray tracing in its ‘Forza Vista’ car viewer at launch, with in-game functionality patched in at the end of last year. We’re glad to see that we won’t have to play the same waiting game twice, as detailed in a recent update, by the Forza Support Team. They revealed we can expect both ray traced reflections and global illumination at launch. Not only that, this ray tracing tech is a step up from before, with calculations of a magnitude not possible in previous entries. Nice.

If you’re keen to find out more about ray tracing – and if you’ll be able to get it running on your rig – the Forza Support Team says it’ll “share additional details about ray tracing options and platform availability closer to launch.”

The team also reveals the game will feature 500 real-world cars, 20 real-world tracks with variable layouts, dynamic weather, new damage and dirt accumulation systems, and improved physics. So there’ll be plenty of ray traced eye-candy for you to gaze upon.

We don’t yet know what specs you’ll need for ray tracing, but you can be sure that we’ll have the Forza Motorsport system requirements on hand as soon as they hit the road. In the meantime, we’d suggest checking out our best graphics card guide if you’re looking to upgrade.