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After two years, huge realistic war MMO has thousands more players

A realistic war MMO that mixes Hell Let Loose, Company of Heroes, and even Cities Skylines 2, suddenly has thousands more players on Steam.

Between Baldur’s Gate 3, Diablo 4, Balatro, and then upcoming surefire hits like GTA 6, it’s been a busy era for new games. Some have staying power. Some, unfortunately, do not. Even great games can get swept away by the passage of time and advent of new releases – what seems like a modern classic one month can be forgotten by the next. But it’s not always this way. Years, even a decade later, some games suddenly find themselves super popular again, with a teeming player base either discovering them for the first time, or coming back for another waltz. A huge-scale, super realistic, war-based MMO, originally launched in 2022, is one such example. It might have slipped your mind by now, or perhaps passed you by entirely, but with thousands more players in the past week, this is proof that some games just keep living.

Foxhole is an MMO with a super smart twist. Eschewing the fantasy and sci-fi settings that typify the genre, Foxhole comprises a deep and intricate simulation of realistic warfare. Everything – every facet of war production, strategy, and combat – is managed by actual individual players.

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Every soldier, every tank, every factory worker building vehicles and gathering supplies, is a real person. In one sense, it feels like a grander, more involved version of Hell Let Loose. At the same time, Foxhole is scaled down and granular, focusing on the microcosmic elements of war and combat in the style of Company of Heroes. Cut to the production side, though, and the fact you have to build and maintain supply lines, and you could be forgiven for thinking this is Frostpunk or Cities Skylines 2.

Construct factories, lay down railways, and get everything you need up to the front lines. From there, you can dig trenches for open, infantry warfare, or use tanks and battleships to get the job done. It’s a wonderful premise, superbly delivered – of the more than 30,000 user reviews for Foxhole on Steam, over 80% are positive. Likewise, two years since it was first released, players are coming back to Foxhole in droves.

Foxhole Steam MMO game: Stats for the Steam MMO game Foxhole

On Wednesday April 3, the Foxhole concurrent player count averaged at around 300. A new update however, which added submarines and an overhaul to production facilities, pushed that above 5,000. In the last 24 hours, more than 3,000 people have logged in to play Foxhole at the same time. If you want to try it yourself, it’s available right here.

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