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Fractured Space

Outer space is cool but it’s not as cool as what you can find in it. No, no aliens (not yet). Spaceships, of course! Those behemoths that break through the planet’s atmosphere to enter the void. And shoot lasers at each other – that’s the most important bit. At least, it is if you’re playing Fractured Space

If you didn’t know, Fractured Space is a free-to-play game all about building your own spaceship and then working with your fleet to blow up the enemy. Lots of pew-pew-pews as you’d expect. But this isn’t an arcade shooter. Fractured Space is for those who really want to stuck into the science and engineering of spaceship combat.

You’ve got to pick a manufacturer, then a class, and finally your weapon loadout when constructing your own galactic warship. Doing this is enough if you want to take on PvE challenge, but if you’re going into the co-op or PvP battles then you’re going to want to consider how your ship stacks up against the rest of your fleet. This isn’t always a solo game, sunshine. Team composition is key.

Of course, mastering a single ship by building up the available parts and your experience with it is only the start of the journey. To truly excel in Fractured Space you’re going to want to master the other classes and their mix of weapons too.

That’s where we can help you out. We’re giving away 200 codes for Fractured Space, each of which are valued at $9.99 / £6.99, and unlock new ships, skins, and more. The contents are listed below:

* Ships:

  • USR Colossus – Heavy Attack
  • TDS Protector – Light Support
  • Zarek Venturer – Medium Attack
  • USR Ghost – Stealth Attack

* Skins:

  • Colossus Mercury
  • Protector Maia
  • Venturer Jupiter
  • Ghost Mercury

* Credit boosters x10 (these can be selected for use after a match to double basic credit earnings).

* 250 platinum

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Fractured Space giveaway