Free Magicka DLC definitely has nothing to do with the London 2012 Olympic Games


Magicka’s just had an update that’s definitely got nothing to do with the London 2012 Summer Olympics. In fact, it has so little to do with the Olympics that, rather than costing £12 billion, it costs no billions at all. Not even a single billion. Put your billions away. Magicka: WOOT, is a free bit of DLC introducing the new “Olympus Onslaught” PvP maps, which include such curious delights as The Pool of Undeniable Moisture and the Elemental Roulette. If you’ve got Magicka installed, the thing’s just auto-slinked its way into your life while you weren’t looking.

“Magicka: WOOT allows players to join their favorite robed rapscallions as they make their way to a wizarding competition, only held once every few centuries in the land of Midgard,” write Arrowhead in their press release. “The bad news is that the guy in charge of collecting money won’t leave the TV because apparently there’s a major sport event on, so Paradox has no choice but to let everybody have the new DLC completely free of charge. Upon reflection, maybe that’s only bad news for Paradox.”

The DLC includes a host of new maps, spells and items, including three challenge maps, sports paraphernalia, new “athletic techniques” spells and “the satisfaction of not having spent any money”.

How very sporting of them.