Friday the 13th: The Game gets a heaping helping of free content


Friday the 13th: The Game got a hefty update today in response to frustrated fans after its less-than-stellar launch. 

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Gun Media are giving away goodies as an apology for the “rocky launch.” They also hope it will encourage fans to give them a “slight reprieve” as they continue to work on the problems that still exist with finding online matches and other server issues.

The update includes two new outfits for every counselor, 13,000 Customization Points, the Retro Jason outfit, and double XP, which is available from June 23 through June 25. If that’s not enough free Voorhees-themed stuff to keep fans happy then remember how terrible that sleeping bag scene in Jason X is. And we all know that was the best part of the movie.

You can pick up Friday the 13th: The Game right now if you’re interested in stalking a few unsuspecting camp counselors. That’s the name of the game if you’re Jason, after all.