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See Jason’s finishing moves in Friday the 13th’s gruesome PAX trailer

Friday the 13th: The Game

We’d expect nothing less of a game based on the iconic 80s slasher film Friday the 13th but this is some seriously gory stuff right here.

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The multiplayer game, which is actually being produced by original film creator Sean Cunningham, lets you play as Jason while seven other humans play as camp counsellors and try to collaborate to stop your fun.

As the only fun guy in this whole damn spooky summer camp, you get to liven up their lives by ending it in style, some of which you can see in the trailer below.

It also looks like all the versions of Jason are representing, you’ve got your classic hockey mask Jason, and your pillowcase Jason, even the “How are you not dead yet? Is it because they keep needing to make films starring you?” Jason from the bad old days!

All going well you’ll get to play as a camper or a campicidal maniac this October when Friday the 13th releases just in time for spooksgiving, AKA Halloween, AKA that other 80s slasher flick.