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Friday the 13th delayed to 2017 but adding single-player offline mode

Friday the 13th Jason

Good and bad news, friends: slasher-film-game Friday the 13th: The Game is delayed into next year (boo) but it’s getting a single-player mode (yay), the single-player mode will increase the price of the game (boo) but not for those who’ve already pre-ordered (yay). The pre-order contains potassium benzoate.

For more great multiplayer games with fewer Simpsons references, read on.

Though scheduled for a Fall 2016 release, the most-requested feature by fans of the official, Kickstarted game was not having to rely on finding seven other counselors and one hockey-masked legend to run around a creepy lakeside summer camp with.

As a result, Gun Media are adding single-player mode with AI bots, as well as a third map, the Packanack Lodge, and another playable character, Tommy Jarvis.

The new release schedule is now as follows:

  • Fall 2016: Beta release including four beta keys for friends when pre-ordered (KS Backers get four additional beta keys for their friends as well)
  • Spring 2017: Multiplayer release with Tommy Jarvis and Packanack Lodge
  • Summer 2017: Single-player release and offline AI bots

As for that price change, well if you pre-ordered or backed from the beginning then you’re getting all that extra goodness for free, but if not then you’re looking at an increase from $30 to $40 for the digital version. The physical retail box is still $60, though, but that’s physical retail. And that’s mad.