Gun Media teases playable camp counselors and Jasons ahead of Friday the 13th beta

Friday the 13th Jason VII

With the beta of this co-operative survival horror happening from December 20 to December 23, Gun Media has released the camp counselors and Jasons that will be playable during this beta period. The Jasons from Part II, Part III and Part VII: The New Blood are available for wannabe slashers, while seven counselors from across the Friday the 13th series are selectable.

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For those who haven’t been following the development of the Friday the 13th: The Game, it is a 7v1 asymmetrical multiplayer game, where the seven counselors must survive the night until the police arrive and they are able to escape the misty summer camp. In the meantime, it is up to the Jason player to stalk individual members of Camp Crystal Lake, disrupting any possible teamwork and slicing up any roaming teenagers.

Rather than just being cosmetic skins, the stats of each Jason and each counselor differs to suit specific playstyles. The Jason from Part III is the fastest of the three in the beta, but is slow in water and is vulnerable to being stunned, for example. If you prefer coming out of the lake to murder any poor sods who may be lingering on the edge, the Jason from Part VII is your best bet due to his speed in water. Picking the right slasher for the job will be key to victory against certain teams.

For the counselors, each one has a speciality that allows them to perform a specific task. The Girl Next Door Jenny Myers has high Composure and Luck stats, making her perfect for attacking Jason and escaping from his grasp if she’s captured. Someone like Deborah Kim is specialised in Stealth and Intelligence, giving her the ability to sneak past Jason to repair a trap for example. Creating a balanced party of counselors will ensure they will survive to Saturday the 14th.

In readiness for the beta launch, IGN has got an early hands on with the game as part of their First program, to show players what a typical match looks like. Expect lots of screaming, sudden violins and a eager Jason trying to behead anything that looks close to another human.

If you are eager to get into the slasher action, you will have to pre-order Friday the 13th to get access to this beta. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until an open beta rolls round, or wait for the full release some time in the first quarter of 2017.