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After being pulled from Steam, one horror game classic is finally back

One-time rival to Dead By Daylight, and precursor to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a horror game classic is back after being delisted from Steam.

Friday the 13th game: Serial killer Jason Vorhees from horror game Friday the 13th Resurrected

What’s your favorite multiplayer horror game? Dead By Daylight is the simplest choice, but Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Lethal Company, and Evil Dead definitely deserve a mention. Though it was DBD that formalized and popularized the asymmetrical slasher, all these rivals have successfully revamped the formula with their own tweaks, twists, and gimmicks. One of them, however, deserves a special mention. Adored by its players, it was sadly delisted from Steam at the end of 2023, with its official servers slated to go offline for good at the end of this year. Until recently, it seemed like this much-loved multiplayer murder-’em-up would be gone for good, but that’s all about to change, thanks to an ambitious fan build that now has an imminent release date reveal.

Friday the 13th was a multiplayer horror game with a lot of ambition. With eight players inhabiting the roles of the Crystal Lake counselors and one person as Jason, it twisted the DBD formula by allowing you to stun or even kill the hockey-masked killer so long as you completed certain conditions.

By the time it was delisted from sale on Steam (the page still remains, but you can’t buy the game), Friday the 13th accrued a ‘very positive’ rating based on what were then recent reviews. Publisher Gun has since moved on to the equally superb Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but with Friday the 13th’s servers set to be closed for good in December 2024, until recently, it seemed the asymmetrical horror was ready to die.

But now that’s all changed. A sprawling fan project, which modifies the base game and provides dedicated multiplayer servers, is bringing Friday the 13th back. Completely free to play, the Friday the 13th Resurrected release date will be revealed on Monday, April 15. That’s less than two weeks away. Check out the fan game’s tantalizing teaser trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Again, this will be available for free, so if you never got the chance to play Friday the 13th, or want to keep slashing after the end of 2024, this is absolutely perfect.

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