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How to get more Frostpunk 2 Frostland teams

Frostpunk 2 Frostland teams are required to explore the Frostland beyond your city, uncovering additional areas to find more fuel and food.

A man and child walk through a storm having been found in the wilderness by Frostpunk 2 Frostland Teams.

How do you get more Frostland Teams in Frostpunk 2? In the freezing wilderness in which your new city is trying to survive, resources are few and far between. You’re going to need to send teams of your strongest citizens out into the frozen wasteland beyond to seek new frontiers. These are your Frostland teams.

In order to establish a colony, you need as many Frostland teams as possible. These teams head out into the treacherous cold of Frostpunk 2 to expand your land and gather more resources. At first, though, you might find you don’t have the capacity to explore very far through the survival game, so here’s how to get more Frostpunk 2 Frostland Teams.

The details of an expanded Logistics District, with 40 Frostpunk 2 Frostland teams.

How to get more Frostland Teams

To get Frostland teams, you first need a Logistics District located at an Old Waystation. This automatically grants you ten Frostland teams. As you explore further, more teams are required. Expand your District and research Logistics Bays, placing the new building in the Logistics District for an immediate increase in exploration teams.

An expanded Logistics District increases your base teams to 15, but also has two building slots, meaning you can place two Logistics Bays in each district. Overall, this brings the total number of Frostland teams based in each district to a maximum of 45.

The research details for the Vanguard Logistics Bay, which indirectly impacts Frostpunk 2 Frostland teams.

There are two options to choose from for your Logistics Bay:

  • Automated Logistics Bays
  • Vanguard Logistics Bays

Automated Bays

Naturally, the automated bay uses machines to manufacture equipment as required in order to reduce workforce requirement and storage needs. They only require a workforce of 500, but result in an additional ten Frostland teams. This takes 15 weeks and costs 50 Heatstamps to research, plus a further 120 to build.

Vanguard Bays

Vanguard Bays, meanwhile, focus on survival gear and training. The personal touch requires more personnel with a workforce requirement of 600, but in turn results in 15 additional Frostland teams. This takes 15 weeks and costs 50 Heatstamps to research, plus a further 120 to build.

You can of course have one of each bay at one expanded Logistics District, which goes someway to appease both sides of your citizen divide, while increasing your total number of Frostland Teams by 25.

The summary of a frostland expedition, requiring a number of Frostpunk 2 Frostland Teams.

How to reduce Frostland team requirement

The alternative — or addition — to increasing your number of Frostland teams is to reduce the number required on expeditions. By reducing Exploration Cost, you only need to put 8 teams on a job instead of 10, for example. This can be done with a number of research projects.

There are two methods of research to decrease your Exploration Cost:

  • Scout Training
  • Scout Headquarters

Scout Training

The Scout Training research offers two options for ensuring only the best scouts are sent out. Pathfinder Scouts, backed by Foragers, decreases Exploration Cost, reducing the required number of Frostland Teams per expedition. It requires ten weeks to research, but costs nothing.

The Machinists, on the other hand, want Mechanised Scouts, which uses technology to train explorers. Also costing nothing and requiring ten weeks to research, Mechanised Scouts instead reduced exploration time. This doesn’t directly help you with team quantity, but can be useful in that it frees up your teams sooner. If it’s more people in a short time you want though, we’d recommend going for Pathfinder Scouts.

The research project for Scout Headquarters, which indirectly affects Frostpunk 2 Frostland Teams.

Scout Headquarters

Whichever Scout Headquarters you choose improves your Exploration Cost, thus requiring fewer teams to explore. However, there are still considerations when deciding between Survivalists’ Headquarters and Surveyors’ Headquarters.

Survivalist Headquarters are backed by Foragers and Icebloods, and places more emphasis on exploration cost than speed, with the former being “extremely decreased”, and the latter “marginally increased”—beneficial for utilizing fewer teams.

The Surveryor’s Headquarters, meanwhile, favors both equally, and decreases both exploration time and cost, only cost isn’t reduced as greatly as it is with the other option. Both headquarters are expensive projects, requiring 33 weeks and 200 Heatstamps to develop, and a further 120 Heatstamps to construct. You must also have previously researched Scout Training to unlock Scout Headquarters research.

Now you know how to get more Frostland teams in Frostpunk 2, it’s up to you whether to prioritize colonizing further reaches or focusing on your existing citizens. After all, you don’t have enough Frostpunk 2 Heatstamps to do everything at once. Nobody said this city-building game was going to be easy — in fact, our Frostpunk 2 preview confirms just how true that is.