Funcom’s New Lego MMO


The Lego Group is taking on the mantle of a black widow. The previous Mr Lego Universe is hardly in the ground and the harlot has already started wooing Funcom who, starry-eyed and prepped for another middle-ranking MMO performance for the Secret World, were also looking around for partners. It’s a match made in… pulp 1950s movies about murdered spouses. Here comes Funcom’s Lego MMO.

It was only on January this year that the previous Lego Universe, set up and run by NetDevil, was shut down, after the shortest free-to-play lifespan since Crusty McScrote’s free nutsack bingo went under. Barely six months has flown by and Funcom today announced that they’re working on a MMO with the fickle strumpets built around Lego Minifigures. Oh, love, where is thy sting?

Notably, this time there’s talk of the game being integrated with Lego’s existing (superlative) online channels, which attract millions of pocket-money laden children and adults every month. Here’s Funcom’s CEO with name that gives diminishing returns, Trond Arne Aas, or rather here are some words that a team of PRs wrote and he signed off;

““The market for family-friendly online experiences intended for children and youngsters is brimming with potential,” says Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas. “Being able to work with a world-renowned brand such as the LEGO® brand to develop an MMO for this audience is incredibly exciting to us as game developers and for Funcom as a company. This is source material we all know and love and we simply cannot wait to get started working with the LEGO Group on realizing this exciting project.”

And that’s it. More details as we have them.

Image from Either-Art