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G2A are now selling Bitcoin vouchers


G2A have added cryptocurrency vouchers to their storefront, offering customers a way to purchase small amounts of Bitcoin and easily add it to an online wallet. The wallet services are handled through a partnership with Crypto Voucher, and vouchers can be purchased in denominations of €25, €50, or €100.

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Bitcoin has risen in value for years, but the increase in the past several months has been especially explosive. Bitcoin has gone from less than $1000 USD to over $13,000 in 2017, and investment interest is high. G2A say offering these smaller voucher purchases will make it easier to invest in the currency. Crypto Vouchers currently only support Bitcoin, but support for other cryptocurrencies is planned in the future, including Etherum and Litecoin.

This announcement actually came slightly before Valve announced they would remove Bitcoin support from Steam earlier today, which they say is due to the currency’s volatile shifts in value and high transaction fees.

Valve have shown some concern this year about large-scale distribution of Steam keys outside of their store, and G2A have been a particularly controversial reseller for ages. However, it’s likely far too soon for Valve’s removal of Bitcoin to have been a direct response to G2A’s support of it. Either way, you can add one more potentially shady market to the list of those G2A will participate in.