Key marketplace G2A win a business award for unconventional methods


G2A just won the Business Insider ‘Innovation Initiator’ award, handed out to acknowledge businesses that achieve growth via unconventional methods. In this case, those methods are leveraging influencers to grow business, as well as facilitating the reselling of game keys. 

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Business Insider apparently chose G2A because of their innovative business model, in which they sell the products of other people and make money from them.

As G2A put it: “G2A was founded in 2010 as a regular online retailer, and in just seven short years has become a global transaction ecosystem which houses the world’s fastest growing digital gaming marketplace for game key codes and other digital products.”

The company is looking to expand its portfolio, which currently boasts a videogame development studio, their own payment system, a VR studio, and G2A Direct – a way for developers to claw back some money from keys resold on the platform.