Gabe Newell to be honoured by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, will keynote at DICE 2013


Newell will be inducted into the AIAS in February next year at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Newell, who will become the Academy’s 17th inductee. is also the keynote speaker at the four day event.

“Gabe’s vision for the interactive industry has created lasting effects
that have completely reshaped this generation’s digital distribution
model, paving the way for independent developers and creating an
invaluable service for consumers,” saidAIAS president Martin Rae. Damn right, too.

Other speakers at DICE 2013 include Randy Pitchford, Jenova Chen and Jesse Schell, while the schedule includes… wait, some go-karting? I hope those industry veterans end up racing one another.

Thanks to GamesIndustry.