Gaijin’s Skydive: Proximity Flight looks great, deserves to be on PC


Gaijin, the guys behind the excellent Wings of Prey, and the currently great fun and in development War Thunder, have just announced a downloadable basejumping wingsuit game called Skydive: Proximity Flight for PS3 and Xbox 360, and while it hasn’t been announced for PC, we’re going to plant a flag and say this should definitely should grace our beloved beige towers. 

Gaijin are making their name on the PC with War Thunder, and while they’ve recently signed a deal with Sony to bring that game to the PS4, it’s still on the PC that they’re enjoying their success.

It’s mostly frustrating we can’t play it because it looks all kinds of fun. There’s a blistering thrill to the idea of throwing yourself off a cliff with nothing but a few strips of nylon to keep you from becoming a red smear on the rock, and being able to glide without external power or any sort of complicated apparatus is the closest thing a human being can come to unpowered flight. The launch trailer below is slickly cut between real footage of wingsuit jumps and footage captured from the game, with not a whole lot of difference between the two. It’s exciting, and I want to be excited.

So here’s hoping Gaijin acknowledge that most PC gamers at least have a controller attached to a USB port, and bring the game to the platform that got them where they are.