Galactic Civilizations III update 1.4 brings tougher AI and larger galaxies


GalCiv 3 is a huge strategy game, asking you to command an entire civilisation and push them to military dominance, technological ascension or political superiority. Despite its size, many players have developed tactics to outwit the AI, taking away some of the game’s magic.

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The latest update is aimed at bringing back some of that challenge, giving the AI a boost against established tactics and letting players expand the size of the galaxy.

“When GalCiv 3 shipped, the AI was ‘pretty good’ but it didn’t take long for expert players to find ways to crush it,” says the update on the forums.“So how did we solve it? Data mining.

“We started looking at how these experts were playing the game. Sure, stalking YouTube players may seem wrong but then again, people openly posting their strategies are fair game right? And with GalCiv 3 being a 64-bit multi-core game, we can toss a lot of computing power at the problem. So we did.”

The AI will now do a better job of planet building and economy management – the same goes for player Governors. There are lots of little tweaks to make the game more challenging in single-player and more balanced in multiplayer. You can view the complete changelog here.