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Stellaris meets Two Point Hospital in new sci fi tycoon game, out soon

Galacticare, a space management game that blends Two Point Hospital together with Stellaris, just got a launch date, and it's very soon.

Galacticare gets a launch date: A human and a green alien in doctor uniforms, from Galacticare.

Management and tycoon games, from Tropico 6 to Planet Zoo, are a good time. As entries to the genre like Jurassic World Evolution 2 show, they can be an even better time when part of the player’s management duties involves taking care of strange creatures. Galacticare is a game that understands this, offering a combination of the healthcare simulation aspects of Two Point Hospital and the sci fi creativity of Stellaris. It’s looked like a smart idea since we first saw it announced last year, and now we’re happy to see it’s just received a launch date that’s much closer than we anticipated.

Galacticare is a tycoon game that takes place in a vision of the 23rd Century where humans and aliens coexist in a high tech future. As the director of a healthcare business called Galacticare, players build and manage hospitals across locations in space that, per its Steam page, range from “communal space farms and industrial disasters” to “deep space prisons and musical festivals.”

Doing so involves creating, designing, staffing, and upgrading hospitals by decorating and expanding facilities, and hiring the doctors and consultants needed to treat patients. Unfortunately, healthcare is a paid business in the far future and succeeding as Galacticare’s director in its story and sandbox modes involves managing the costs that go into maintaining a staff, researching various species of aliens to learn more about their health needs, buying equipment, and increasing your ‘Hospital Rating.’

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Galacticare comes out for PC on Steam and GOG on Thursday May 23.

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