Topic of the Week: Which game character has the worst name?

Worst character names

It’s topic of the week time, and we’re going a little sillier than normal. Inspired by today’s reveal of Dontnod Eleven’s ‘John Trigger’ we want to know – what are the worst named characters in games? The real clichés, the ones so bad they’re almost good, actually good or straight past all that back to downright terrible.

If you’re here for some serious opinions, here are the best games on PC.

Old B.J.’s a shoe-in for a mention of course, though I feel he lands firmly on the excellent side of silly rather than the non-sensical one. Billy Joseph Blazkowicz is way worse anyway.

How about Mass Effect’s Shepard? The quality of the games and their narrative, as well as it never actually being referenced, helps – but it’s because humanity is their flock, isn’t it? Andromeda’s Ryder feels like a much better choice.

That’s the ones that spring to mind, let us know yours below.