EA Play comes to Game Pass PC in December

EA Play is becoming part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on November 10 alongside the launch of Xbox Series X – but that addition only applies on console. On PC, we’re going to have to wait a bit longer for EA Play, as Microsoft has confirmed that it’ll get bundled up with the home computer library in December.

EA Play will be available through all PC flavours of Xbox Game Pass in December. That includes both the basic $9.99 / £7.99 Xbox Game Pass PC subscription, and the $14.99 / £10.99 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundle, which includes both PC and console Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, and access to xCloud streaming services.

It’s important to note that EA Play is $4.99 and only includes access to the publisher’s vault of older titles, like Titanfall 2, the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, and older Battlefield and EA Sports titles. New games are typically added about a year after launch, though that’s not a consistent rule.

EA Play Pro, a $14.99 / £14.99 subscription, is only available through EA’s Origin launcher. This is the one that includes day one access to most new games that EA publishes, similar to Uplay Plus or Xbox Game Pass itself.

The Game Pass PC price has just doubled from its $4.99 beta pricing. Between EA Play and the incoming Bethesda library – starting with Doom Eternal – it looks like Microsoft is doing its best to justify the price tag of the now fully-launched service. (You can check out our list of free PC games if $9.99 a month is still a bit much for you.)