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Games Workshop’s Talisman and expansions $0.22 on Humble Bundle

Games Workshop's Talisman: Digital Edition is currently available alongside all of its expansions in the latest Humble Bundle. Ideal if you want to try it

Games Workshop Talisman Humble Bundle screenshot - an image shows five of the characters on the game's board.

The Games Workshop game, Talisman, is the focus of the latest Humble Bundle, which sees the base game and all 53 of its expansions available at just $10.94, or $0.22 each. Originally released in 1983, Talisman has been a popular choice with gamers for years, and the digital edition and its expansions remains one of the best ways for you to experience it.

So what makes the Games Workshop Talisman Humble Bundle worth going for? Well, by including absolutely everything in one package, you’ll immediately gain access to a comprehensive digital board game experience. If you’ve wanted to try Talisman: Digital Edition for sometime, this is the best way for you to do so.

Here’s a list of all the expansions included in the bundle:

  • The Blood Moon Expansion
  • The Nether Realm Expansion
  • The City Expansion
  • The Sacred Pool Expansion
  • The Highland Expansion
  • The Frostmarch Expansion (Legendary Deck)
  • The Dungeon Expansion
  • The Reaper Expansion
  • Complete Runestone Deck
  • Martial Artist character
  • Saracen character
  • Jester character
  • Goblin Shaman character
  • Illusionist character
  • Shaman character
  • Shape Shifter character
  • Apprentice Mage character
  • Black Witch character
  • Gambler character
  • Martyr character
  • Genie character
  • Devil’s Minion character
  • Courtesan character
  • Exorcist character
  • The Clockwork Kingdom Expansion
  • The Ancient Beasts Expansion
  • The Realm of Souls Expansion
  • The Cataclysm Expansion
  • The Harbinger Expansion
  • The Dragon Expansion
  • The Firelands Expansion
  • The Woodland Expansion
  • Talisman Origins: The Eternal Conflict
  • Talisman Origins: The Legend of Pandora’s Box
  • Talisman Origins: Beyond the Veil
  • Talisman Origins
  • The Frostmarch Expansion: Legendary Deck
  • The Sacred Pool Expansion: Legendary Deck
  • The City Expansion: Legendary Deck
  • The Blood Moon Expansion: Legendary Deck
  • Base Game: Legendary Deck
  • The Dungeon Expansion: Legendary Deck
  • The Highland Expansion: Legendary Deck
  • The Reaper Expansion: Legendary Deck
  • Vampire character
  • Pilgrim character
  • Satyr character
  • Swordsman character
  • Witch Hunter character
  • Pathfinder character
  • Woodsman character
  • Samurai character

Not really familiar with Talisman? Well, it’s an adventure board game with a heavy RPG influence. You and a selection of your friends have to embark across a fantasy world, drawing cards and dealing with random encounters as you do, with the ultimate goal of securing the Crown of Command.

The addition of all the expansions gives the game so much variety. Not only does it provide a long list of playable characters, but also tons of new environments to explore, and even story chapters that delve into the world and its backstory in greater depth.

Also, if you buy this Humble Bundle, you will be helping to support The Trevor Project – a charity doing important work to help cut down suicide rates among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning young people.

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