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GameStop confirms massive credit card security breach

GameStop credit card breach

If you’re still buying physical editions of PC games or gift cards from GameStop, you may want to check your bank post-haste. The game seller has confirmed that there has been a major security breach, resulting in many online customers having their credit card details stolen.

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The investigation into a possible security breach started back in April, with hackers stealing not only the expiry date and credit card numbers of online GameStop customers, but their three-digit security codes as well. According to Engadget, this type of security breach suggests a keylogger had been installed on the GameStop website to steal data as users were entering their details, rather than it being pilfered directly from a company database.

In letters sent out by GameStop, the company stated that any online customers who used the site between August 10, 2016 and February 9, 2017 are at risk. If you bought anything from GameStop between those two dates, double and triple-check your bank statements for any malicious activity. The security breach also involved the theft of personal information like a customer’s name and address, so you may also have had your identity stolen along with your credit card info.

With GameStop having to close 150 stores due to the rise of digital-only game purchases, this security breach may be another nail in the coffin for traditional brick-and-mortar game shops. Again, do check your bank account for any irregular transactions and be hyper-vigilant when buying via any online retailer.