One Gamer Fund unites seven gaming charities, and you can support them all this weekend


Gamers are capable of tremendous generosity – Twitch’s frequent 24-hour charity streams are just one example of it – but this weekend, there’s a way to give without losing any sleep: One Gamer Fund is a new initiative that unites seven different gaming charities under one banner, and it’s holding its inaugural fundraiser.

One Gamer Fund support the following charities:

  • AbleGamers, who use customised interfaces to help the disabled enjoy videogames and, thus, a better quality of life.
  • Child’s Play, who provide relief for hospitalised children by supplying them with toys and games.
  • Games for Change, who work with creators of educational or socially-conscious games to leverage the medium for a real-world impact.
  • Global Game Jam, the world’s largest game jam event, in which thousands of developers get together to create
  • The IGDA Foundation, the charity of the International Game Developers’ Association, who aim to enrich the working lives of those in the games industry.
  • Stack-Up, who help NATO and Australasian military veterans find relief in videogames.
  • Take This, a charity for preventing, destigmatising, and managing mental illness from a gamers’ perspective.

One fund, seven causes: all proceeds from this weekend’s event will be shared among the above. If you’d like to support the fund, you can:

  • Purchase a game or bundle from publishers Good Shepherd Entertainment on Steam– 50% of their proceeds this weekend will go to One Gamer Fund.
  • Tune into Twitch, where streamers raising money for One Gamer Fund will be featured on the front page all weekend long.
  • Stream on Twitch yourself, using Tiltify to collect donations, and get your stream promoted on One Gamer Fund’s social media channels.
  • Pick up a One Gamer Fund shirt from The Yhetee for $12.00 (the designs are genuinely pretty funky).
  • Give directly via, or send donations via PayPal to [email protected]
  • If you’re a corporation, become a corporate sponsor by emailing One Gamer Fund co-founder Seven Siegel ([email protected]).

For more information, you can check out the official website or follow One Gamer Fund on Twitter.

“Gamers are among the most generous humans on earth, raising millions of dollars a year for charity,” says Russ Pitts, co-founder and president of Take This. “One Gamer Fund is a logical and long-overdue next step in harnessing the bottomless heart of the gamer community. Seven charities combined into a Voltron of altruism. And we’re honored to be a part.”

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