Garry’s Mod mod lets you ride roller coasters. Is amazing


Sorry, PC games – looks like we’re going to have to redefine the ‘rail gun’. Modder Foohy has modded Source mod Garry’s Mod to bring us a bangstick which creates rollercoasters. And with some precision, as it turns out. Pay particular attention to the mortality-defying jump at 1:00.

But not so fast, Ridey McRail. The rollercoaster add-on isn’t compatible with the retail version of Garry’s Mod, which you might have picked up during its Steam Flash Sale – where it was reportedly selling at a rate of 4,000 copies an hour. For now it’s trapped behind the glass wall of Garry’s Mod 13 beta, due for full release on September 24th. Instead, watch that video again in the knowledge that its soundtrack is filched from both Rollercoaster Tycoon and Pantera.

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