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Xbox One and PC Cross-Play comes to versus modes in Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4

We could already play with our Xbox One pals in co-op in Gears of War 4, but what we really want to do is shoot them in the face with an Enforcer and curb stomp them into dust. That’s what they get for playing on an inferior machine. Well, our wishes have been granted. 

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Social Quickplay in Gears of War 4 sees controller meet mouse and keyboard in Gears of War 4’s post-apocalyptic playgrounds.

Microsoft recently held a beta for the feature, in which there were over 750,000 matches played, with over 115,000 participants.

According to the announcement post, both platforms had similar K/D ration results, scores, and kills, based on the data gathered. Match quality was also perfect for most, so they’ve decided to roll it out.

You can now select Social Quickplay from the Cross-Play playlist, but it might be a bit shaky the first couple of weeks while Microsoft track the stats when far more players are stressing it.

Core and Competitive will remain platform independent, only matching Xbox players with each other and Windows 10 players with each other.