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Topic of the Week: Will you be getting one of Nvidia’s new graphics cards?


There’s a new generation of graphics cards coming very soon, with the GTX 1080 hitting shelves and PCI slots on May 27, while the 1070 will be here on June 7. For this week’s PCGN mega-discussion, we’re wondering – will you be picking them up?

Have a read of everything we know about the GTX 1080.

Specifically, what card are you on now, and what’s tempting you towards an upgrade, or pushing you away? I’m on a 980ti and only really game at 1080, and I’m still tempted because I am a weak, money-spending machine.

It does seem the perfect time to upgrade, however. These cards will be more than enough to tackle the current generation of games at any reasonable rate, as well as likely future-proofed against whatever combination of Xbox Two and PlayStation Trinity is announced at E3. Other than the money, they seem a smart buy – how do you feel about it?