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You’ll be able to land on planets in Alien-inspired shooter Genesis: Alpha One

genesis alpha one

In Genesis: Alpha One, you’ll be able to fly to distant plants, land, and become the unwitting transporter of alien creatures that want to kill all your crew. So, just like a camping holiday.

The game sees you take command of a deep space salvage ship, which you can upgrade and outfit with the resources you bring back from alien worlds. However, the danger of sending ships to other worlds is what they might bring back.

As well as mining resources on other planets you can go exploring to find artefacts, new weapons, blueprints and transmissions.

Should you bring any aliens back to your ship, you’ll have to try and kill them all before they get to breeding and tearing apart your ship from the inside. Of course, if that means crawling into vents with a flamethrower, then so be it.